Lawton Hunting
Rules and Regulations


This information is designed to cover the most commonly asked questions. It does not cover all of the regulations which govern the use of the City's facilities. Should you have further questions, please contact an enforcement officer or a Lake Division representative.

Permits/ License

bullet Legal residents of Oklahoma age 64 or older with a State senior's license, and residents age 16 or younger are exempt from permit fees.
bulletLegal residents of Oklahoma who are honorably discharged veterans and have a disability of 60% or more are exempt permit fees.
bulletSeniors and disabled veterans may obtain a free "exempt permit" from the Parks & Recreation Lake Division upon proof of age or disability. Deer: an annual City deer hunting permit is required.
bulletSmall game: an annual or daily City permit is required.


Duck Blinds
bulletDuck blinds must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Lake Division Superintendent prior to their construction.
bulletPermits for duck blinds are required and obtainable at Lake Headquarters located at Lake Lawtonka.


bulletThe only hunting weapons permitted on City owned or operated property are: Shot guns, Bow & Arrow, and Primitive firearms.


Hunting Dogs
bulletSubject to compliance with all Federal, State and City hunting regulations, hunting dogs under the supervision and subject to the command of the owner are permitted in the designated hunting areas at Lake Lawtonka and Lake Ellsworth for hunting or training to hunt duck, rabbit, quail and dove. Hunting dogs may enter the water only for retrieving dead or wounded birds during State established bird hunting seasons.
bulletHunting dogs are not allowed in the Robinson's Landing hunting area, or the West side of Lake Lawtonka during established deer hunting seasons.


bulletAll State laws and seasons apply.
bulletJaw type leg-hold steel traps are prohibited.
bulletLive box traps are the only traps permitted.
bulletNo more than 20 traps per person are permitted.
bulletEach trap must be marked with the owner's name and address.
bulletEach trap must be tended once every 24 hours.
bullet Legal trapping locations: contact the Lakes Superintendent (529-2663) for current locations and sign-posting information.
bulletA trapping permit is required and obtainable from Lake Headquarters located at Lake Lawtonka.


Prohibited Acts
bulletKilling or molesting of Prairie Dogs is prohibited.
bulletHunting is prohibited in the Ellsworth bird sanctuary.


Hunting Restrictions
bulletHunters must maintain a minimum distance of 300 yards from other recreationists and recreational activities while actively hunting.
bulletHunting is prohibited within 100 yards of the Bird Sanctuary/Duck Marsh.
bulletHunting is permitted at the Ellsworth R.V. track from September 1st through December 31st only.


bulletAll State and Federal regulations apply.
bulletDuring archery season, 2 deer of either sex may be harvested.
bulletDuring primitive firearm season, only 1 antlered buck may be harvested.


bulletFrom the point beginning on City property at Elmer Thomas Slough North to a point 300 yards West of Robinson's Landing concession building.
bulletFrom any point East of Canyon Creek to any point not closer than 300 yards from the West fence line of the Day Use area.


bulletWest of Bonifield Road and South of the hard-surfaced road which extends from Lakeside Village to Ralph's Resort.
bulletBelow the dam East of Cache Creek to Tony Creek Road.
bulletWest from Tony Creek Road along the North side of Hasenbace Arm to any point 300 yards Southeast of campsite #7 (Fisherman's Cove).
bulletAny point 300 yards East of the East fence line of Fisherman's Cove, South of Goodin and Fuiton Ann, to Tony Creek Road.
bulletNorth from the Southeast portion of Fulton Arm to any point 300 yards South of Campsite #8 (Collier Landing).
bulletAny point not closer than 300 yards fom the North shoreline of Collier Landing to within 100 yards South of the State-established Duck Marsh (bird sanctuary).
bulletFrom the Northwest corner of the Duck Marsh, following City property boundaries around Cache Creek to the North edge of the Cache Creek boat ramp.
bulletSouth from the Cache Creek boat ramp, following the North shoreline West along Chandler Creek, South across Chandler Creek and East to Highway 281.