Uniform Division

The Lawton Police Department's Uniform Division, or Patrol Division, makes up the majority of the department and is under the direction of Deputy Chief Rusty Wright. There are currently over 100 Officers within the Uniform Division. We have six different Patrol Teams; Adam, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Frank. Each team is assigned to a specific duty time and days off. Each team is commanded by one Captain and two Lieutenants. Within each team, the officers are divided into either Westside or Eastside of town with Sheridan Road being the boundry and 1 Lieutenant from each team is assigned to a side. Within each side of town, the areas are further broken down into zones (1-12).

There are also specialized units within the Uniform Division and that would include Lakes, Motor Units, COP, K-9's and the Gang Unit. Each of these units are supervised by a Lieutenant. We also have specialized teams within the department under Patrol; Dive Team, Tactical Team, Bike Patrol, Canine, Honor Guard, and Hostage Negotiators. These teams are made up of various officers and supervisors throughout the department.

In the Uniform Division, Officers vary in experience and rank. There are Probationary Officers that have recently attended the Academy and are in training. After being on the department for a year, they are then reclassified as Officer. After completing three years of service, an Officer may test for the Sergeants Incentive. Once he or she has passed the test, they will be eligible for the Sergeant designation at their four year anniversary.

Each of the Patrol Teams are under the direction of a Captain and they are listed below. Please follow the link next to each Captain to be directed to the Team Page.

We also have specialized units within the Patrol Division, Traffic, Lakes and Gang Unit. Each of these units are supervised by Lieutenants. Links to their pages can be found below.


Adam Team

Bravo Team

Charlie Team

Delta Team

Echo Team

Frank Team




Gang Unit