Community Relations

The Lawton Police Department prides itself on being involved in the community through various programs such as Community Orientated Policing, Crime Stoppers, and the Citizens Police Academy. The Department currently has three Officers assigned to our Community Oriented Policing program. The COP Unit is responsible for conducting programs for civic groups, schools, church's, and neighborhood organizations. Follow this link to the Community Oriented Policing page.


The Lawton Police Department is excited to announce that we have started our Police Explorer program again. Law Enforcement Explorer Post 112 was first chartered in 1973. The purpose of Law Enforcement Exploring is to educate and involve youth in police operations in order to interest them in possible law enforcement/criminal justice careers. Through their involvement, youth in the Law Enforcement Explorer program develop an awareness of the complexities of police service and learn valuable lessons about the criminal justice system, public service, citizenship and volunteerism and most importantly, leadership.

The Explorers meet the first Monday of every month at the Lawton Police Training Center. Please contact Lieutenant James Churchwell for more information about the program at


If you feel that you are the victim of Domestic Abuse, visit our page on Domestic Abuse Procedures to see what help you can receive and who to call for help. We also lists steps that you can take to protect yourself and explain what we as Officers are allowed to do. Most importantly, if you need help please call.


We have our kids pages up and running again, please click on the picture to the left to go to our Kids Safety Menu.



A Cops and Kids picnic is held in Elmer Thomas Park annually with displays, games, food and refreshments furnished for those attending. The picnic offers a time for those in and around Lawton to come meet Officers and Staff of the Department, as well as see some of the equipment that is utilized. The Cops and Kids picnic is usually held in September of each year.

The police deparmtent also hosts training for those in the community that would like to obtain a better understanding of the department and would also like to be more involved with the department. The Lawton Citizens Police Academy is designed to promote a partnership of mutual support and respect between the citizens of Lawton and the Lawton Police Department through continuing education, communication and service. For more information and dates for the next Academy, please visit our Citizens Police Academy page.

Do you have a police/fire radio scanner? Have you ever wondered just what the radio is talking about when you hear someone say "I'll be 10-75" or "I'm 10-8"? If you want to know what our frequencies are and what our "10 Code" means, go to our 10 Code Page.

If you would like information on rules at the lakes, please visit our Boating-Swimming-Camping-Fishing Regulations page and our Hunting Regulations page.

Numerous neighborhoods around Lawton are involved in local Neighborhood Watch programs. The programs are designed to help residents of specific neighborhoods understand problems that may be occuring in their area as they come together and try and find a solution to the problems in conjunction with police. Neighbors actively watch out for each other and if something suspicious is observed, a call can be made to police with the information. The most productive way to help curb crime is for the community and police to work hand in hand. However, direct involvement of citizens to combbat crime themselves is strongly discouraged. Please visit here for a list of Neighborhood Watch Programs around Lawton.

Cops and Kids Picnic