Department eVENTS

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2016 9:00AM. ANNUAL CRIME STOPPERS BIKE AUCTION. Cameron University Parking lot 38th & Gore. Viewing starts at 8:30am




SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 10th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm, 2016 Annual Cops and Kids Picnic; Elmer Thomas Park Holiday House, 3rd and Ferris




Everyone, to include police officers, appreciate recognition for a job well done. If one of our officers did something for you and you would like to recognize him, please go to our Commendation and Complaint page for directions on where to send the commendation. Also, there may be a time when you feel that you were not treated fairly or witnessed an officer do something you believe is wrong. You may also go to our Commendation and Complaint page to get directions on how to file a complaint and the steps you may expect after the complaint is filed.

We will be giving you updates on happenings within the Department, whether that may be a special event coming up, announcements of promotions or transfers, or a special achievement by an Officer. Throughout the year events are held that the department is either hosting or involved in. We will place the notification here but most of the information on these events can be found on the Community Relations page.

If you feel that you are the victim of Domestic Abuse, visit our page on Domestic Abuse Procedures to see what help you can receive and who to call for help. We also lists steps that you can take to protect yourself and explain what we as Officers are allowed to do. Most importantly, if you need help please call.



On June 28th, at the Ardmore, Oklahoma  Convention Center, Lawton Police  Sergeant Abraham Woefel (Left)was recognized as State Officer of the Year at the annual Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police  Conference.  The focal point of Woelfel’s  recognition was his arrest of individuals that were involved in several robberies of local convenience stores along with his overall good work throughout this past  year.

Officer Collin Ney(right) was presented with a life saving award for his quick actions on 2/8/16 at  approximately 2:30am  responding to a sick 3 year old girl who had a seizure before going unconscious and not breathing. Lawton Police Chief James Smith is standing center with the award winners.

June 16th, 2016; Lawton Police Academy Class 2016-09 graduates 11 new Certified Officers. Including; Officers Carlos Nazario, Samuel Encinias, Angela Herbert, Nicholas Chilcote, Jonathan Siltman, Christopher Puetz, Tanner Josey, Stephen Masden, Jason Gills, Chantz Flinn, Tina Bendele.


May 6th, 2016 Lawton Police Department held it's annual awards banquet. Top awards of the year went to, left to right: Sergeant Jeff Pollard; Uniform Officer of the Year, Erlene Maroon; Civilian Employee of the Year, Captain Cliff Blasengame; Supervisor of the Year and Detective Aaron Molloy; Non-Uniform Employee of the Year.

April 2016 Employess of the Quater: Uniformed Officer Joshua Dawson; Non-Uniform Officer Detective Noah Ellis; Supervisor: Lieutenant Mak Mason, Civilian: Building Maintenance John Terrell. Congratulations to all!!

December 23rd, 2015

On December 23rd, 2015 the Lawton Police Department graduated 7 new Officers as well as 1 Fire Marshall from academy 2015-08. Congratulations to them all.

Pictured: Officer Christopher Blessing, Officer Darrel Burton, Officer Cory Byne, Officer James Carr, Officer Andrew Foreman, Officer Daniel Hallagin, Officer William Maxson and Fire Marshall Mark Sutphin

April 18, 2014

Throughout the years, Officers, Supervisors and Civilian Employees of the department perform their jobs in extraordinary fashion. These employees show their commitment and dedication to the department but mostly to the citizens of Lawton by protecting citizens or supporting efforts of the department. We annually recognize personnel for going above and beyond their assigned duties or for putting their life in danger for the protection of others.

On Tuesday, April 15th, the Lawton Police Department held our annual Awards Ceremony to honor those deserving employees.

Those honored are (listed from left to right in the photograph):

Sergeant Craig Lyman - Medal of Valor
Officer Jeffrey McCoy - Uniform Officer of the Year
Sergeant Donald Pauley - Police Commendation Bar
Sergeant Eric Weatherly - Police Shield and Medal of Valor
Sergeant Curtis Underwood - Police Commendation Bar
Robert Johnson - Certificate of Merit
Lieutenant Jerry Ray - Civilian Employee of the Year
Lieutenant Tom Bailey - Supervisor of the Year
Seargeant Timothy Poff - Certificate of Merit
Lieutenant Mark Mason (not pictured) - Non-Uniform Officer of the Year