Criminal Investigation Division

The Lawton Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division is commanded by Captain Craig Akard along with two Lieutenants, Lt. Charlie Martin and Lt. Billy Grimes. The Division is comprised of two sections, the Persons detectives and the Property detectives. There are currently 17 Investigators within the Division; 7 Property Investigators, 7 Persons Investigators, 2 full-time Crime Scene Investigators and one Computer Forensic Investigator. The Division is supported by one secretary, Kristie Bolan, who also serves as our pawn clerk. . You may reach the Division by calling (580) 581-3240 or send a fax to (580) 581-3248.

The Criminal Investigation Division participates and reports to the LeadsOnline program which assists in the tracking of Pawn Shop activity and jewelry exchange businesses. LeadsOnline is a national company with numerous Agencies across multiple States. Whenever information from a pawn transaction is uploaed to Leads, it automatically notifies the Agency where the individual resides. This program has been instrumental in solving multiple cases of stolen property.

Please go to our Crime Statistics page to see current and past information concrning crimes that have occurred in Lawton. You may also visit our Lawton Sex Offender page or the Oklahoma Sex Offender page to get a list of registered sex offenders.



Captain Akard grew up in Lawton and obtained his degree from Cameron University. He began his career with the Lawton Police in July 1984. During his tenure with the department, Captain Akard worked in the Patrol Division but the majority of his time was spent in investigations. He worked in the Special Operations Section for 13 years, working narcotics, criminal intelligence, and K-9. He also spent time as the Crime Stoppers Investigator. Captain Akard was also a member of the initial Gang Task Force of the department.

Captain Akard is a departmental Firearms Instructor and is also an Advanced Instructor with CLEET. He received his Advanced Law Enforcement Certification from CLEET in 1994. Captain Akard was involved in acquiring and maintaining the MILO Firearms Training System for the department. He graduated from the Texas Department of Public Safety Polygraph School in 1998 and is currently one of four examiners for the department.

Captain Akard was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in November, 1999 and served as a supervisor in patrol and investigations. He was transferred to Professional Standards in 2002 where he was in charge of that unit until his promotion to Captain in April of 2007. After his promotion to Captain, he served as Midnight Shift Watch Commander until being transfered to the Criminal Investigations Division in 2010.

Captain Akard serves as a Trustee on the Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement System.

In March of 2016, Captain Akard graduated from the 263rd Session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico Virginia.

Captain Akard can be reached at (580) 581-3240 or


Lieutenant Grimes grew up in the Lawton area. He attended and completed a four year degree at Cameron University in 1991. He was hired by Lawton in February 1992. Lt. Grimes worked patrol and was part of bicycle patrol and became a k-9 handler in 1997. In 1998, he promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and worked as a patrol Lt. and also supervised the k-9 unit as well as COP for a short time. Lt. Grimes transferred to Criminal Investigation Division in 2006 and is currently the supervisor of the Persons detectives. He attended polygraph examiner school in 2007 and remains a polygraph examiner for the department. Has received a number of departments awards over the years, including two supervisor of the year awards.

Lieutenant Billy Grimes can be reached at (580) 581-3558 or



Lieutenant Charlie Martin was hired in May, 1998. During his career he has served in Patrol, the Criminal Investigation Division and also as a member of the Honor Guard. He has received training as a K-9 Handler, Crime Scene Investigator, he is a CLEET Instructor and received his CLEET ADvanced Certification. Lt. Martin holds a Bachelors of Science degree and Associate Degree in Applied Science from Cameron University.

Lt. Martin was promoted to Lieutenant in March, 2011 where he served as a Patrol Supervisor until he was transfered to the Detectives Division in September 2013 and serves as the supervisor of the Property detectives. Lt. Martin recently graduated the Texas Department of Public Safety Polygraph School.

Lieutenant Martin can be reached at (580) 581-3557 or